Top 5 Uses of Wi-Fi

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Gone are the days when Wi-Fi was just used to access the Web. True, we still do that today, but with the ever-increasing Internet speed, you may do a lot more with your Wi-Fi connection. Here are the top five uses of Wi-Fi:


1. Sync

Now you may go wires-free while syncing your devices. Sync your Android phone with your iTunes, sync your iPhone with Linux’s PhotoSync, and a whole lot more! You may even transfer files from your phone to your computer or vice versa without using a USB cable. This is one of the most convenient technologies developed.


2. Tell your phone when it’s home

With apps like Tasker, it is now possible to tell your phone when it is home. The app will identify when your phone is automatically connected to your home network so that it can launch certain applications as soon as you are home. While GPS may serve this purpose, too; but it is not accurate at all times. Besides, it also drains a lot of battery.


3. Transfer wirelessly

Your PC does not have an SD card reader but you want to upload pictures you clicked on that recent holiday you had been to. What do you do? Your Wi-Fi can, of course, give you an answer to that. With Eye-Fi wireless SD card, you may transfer pictures and other documents to computers or devices that are connected on the same network as your camera. What’s more? You may even upload pictures directly onto social media sites like Facebook, Flickr, and Picasa.


4. Stream audio

Convert your Wi-Fi router into a radio station or simply stream music from one device to your speakers. For instance, Apple’s AirPort Express router lets you even create your own wireless, portable boombox. There are a lot of DIY tutorials online that teach you how to do this. With Wi-Fi, you will also get to enjoy music, no matter in which corner of the house you are in.


5. Share files

If you are looking to share files between PCs, a Wi-Fi connection is one of the easiest ways to do so. It offers a number of options for transferring files. This includes transferring files via Dropbox or by using the Network.


All of the above tips and tricks may only be done if you have a reliable and a strong Internet connection. Tikona Broadband offers secured Wi-Fi solutions that you may connect to using your smart devices. The modems come with smart antennas that prevent interference, giving you high-speed connectivity. It also has a WPA2 Enterprise encryption to protect the data you send over this network. All of these and more are what makes this Internet Service Provider (ISP) reliable and perfect for your Wi-Fi needs, as many subscribers have said in their review about Tikona.


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