What is Leased Line Internet Connection?

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If you are often inconvenienced by the faulty internet connection in your office or home, it is time you make the switch. The commonly preferred broadband connections are known to underperform at times, which does not come as a surprise since a single connection is shared among many individuals. Leased line connections are the exact opposite.

Through a leased line, two remote locations are linked together. The connection is established through a fiber optic cable laid permanently. Such lines are ideal for corporate offices wherein one of the company’s offices is linked to the other through this leased line. There is a host of benefits associated with this setup. Businesses mainly prefer this option over the broadband connection as it enables seamless connection of computers and servers across offices and even makes it possible for employees to access their office computers from the comfort of their home. Here are four benefits of leased line connection.

  1. Dedicated connection

The main advantage of a leased line connection is its exclusivity. The connection established can be used only by you, which means it is more secure. It cannot be shared by a third-party. Therefore, the lack of interference by other users on the bandwidth means that your leased line will perform better.

  1. Consistent upload and download speeds

Leased lines are symmetrical in nature, with respect to download and upload speeds. This means that while you will experience optimal speed when downloading files, the same speed is applicable even when uploading. This is particularly beneficial if you need to backup data to the cloud, share large files, or even make VoIP calls.

  1. Absence of data traffic

Since a leased line is a dedicated connection used only by you, so you do not have to worry about network congestion or a low bandwidth during peak times. This means you can easily continue with your work without worrying about slow speeds.

  1. Optimal speeds

A leased line is a comprehensive package; therefore, you do not have to subscribe separately for the Internet access. This enables you to engage in phone calls as well as utilize data. Besides being reliable and secure, a leased line connection is also impressive with regard to its speed. Users mainly prefer speeds of up to 100 Mbps, 2 Mbps, or 10 Mbps. However, there are also expensive plans that offer speeds of up to 10,000 Mbit/s.

Tikona Digital Networks is one of the leading service providers in India. The brand offers a leased line connection wirelessly without disrupting your existing wired network. This is done through wireless last mile so that your office can benefit from 100 percent Internet uptime. Tikona also facilitates optimal usage of bandwidth by implementing a load-sharing method. Some of the other points that make the brand’s leased line connection a good choice are its media diversity and the Internet Service Provider (ISP) redundancy. Apart from leasing connections, Tikona broadband services are also popular among customers across India for their affordability and reliability.

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