How to Boost Your Office Wi-Fi Network

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With the constant need to stay connected, having a good Internet connection is important. However, a weak Wi-Fi connection could not only stall your work but also waste your time. This is particularly troublesome if it is the Wi-Fi connection at your office.

Checking the connection in the office each time your Wi-Fi connection times out could be frustrating. Your Internet connection is highly dependent on the performance of your Wi-Fi router. The most immediate thing you would do anytime you sense your router doing a bad job is calling a technician to fix it. However, you may not know that you could get the task done on your own too. You will never have to face inconvenience because of a poor data connection in office by following the five tips given below.

1. Location selection

Place your Wi-Fi router at the central point in the office. This will ensure that the waves travel uniformly across a space to provide seamless connectivity. If the router is not required at such a spot, move it to a place where people are most likely to use Wi-Fi, like the conference room. Moreover, avoid keeping your router inside a cabinet or an enclosed space as this could further hamper your internet connection. To receive optimal connectivity, you must keep your router on an elevated platform, since the signal emitted from it travels downward.

2. Electronic interference

Usually, servers and cable modems are placed in close proximity for convenience. However, because of this, your web page is probably taking a long time to load. This means, computers, printers, or any device that is wired must be kept away from your office’s Wi-Fi router.

3. Vertical-Horizontal antenna set-up

Adjust your router’s antennae to optimize the signal strength. The ideal way to do this is to ensure that the antenna of your laptop or any such device is parallel to the Wi-Fi router’s antennae. This means you should adjust your router’s antennae in such a way that one stands vertically while the other lies horizontally.

4. Channel selection

If your office is located in a building that also houses other firms, chances are that your Wi-Fi connectivity will be affected because they use the same channel as well. This is mainly because channels are prone to congestion when many devices are connected to the network. You may, therefore, use online Wi-Fi tools to filter the best channel that is not being used by many individuals and avoid the issue of network congestion altogether.

5. Security concerns

Set up a strong password because there are several ways to hack into a Wi-Fi network. Set up a WPA2 password or you may just have strangers utilizing your network and enjoying some free movie streaming. There are many other ways of improving your network like implementing the ‘Quality of Service’ feature that helps you choose the type of content you want your router to give priority to, adjusting your guest network settings, and using a range extender.

Tikona is one of the leading brands which offers secure Wi-Fi solutions for offices. It uses WPA2 Enterprise to offer access to Wi-Fi and also has an inbuilt ‘Quality of Service’ feature. Additionally, Tikona broadband has smart antennae which ensure you work uninterrupted.

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