Factors affecting internet speeds

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Webpages opening slower, sluggish download rates and buffering video are quite frustrating, but it’s not always your wife’s or brother’s fault for hogging on the bandwidth, there can be other reasons also that affect your internet speed-


Your internet speed greatly relies on your network equipment, such as the cable or the router. For example, an ethernet connection is mostly more quick and stable than your Wi-Fi. If you’re utilizing a Wi-Fi connection, there’s a great chance that your internet speed may decrease as more devices join the same network. Also, a weak processor maybe the prime culprit that your internet connection is slow.


The distance of your Wi-Fi router from the devices also decides your internet speed, the greater the distance, the weaker the connection. A solution to this problem is getting a wireless repeater. These little signal copiers are placed between the router and the device to double the strength of your Wi-Fi signal. Physical obstacles like water and metal placed in between the router and devices, can drastically reduce internet speeds.


A malware or a virus can run in the background and be connected to the internet without your permission. To avoid this you can install an antivirus program and keep updating it frequently.


Too many apps that require internet at the same time is a definite no-no because they will make everything slower. Some apps run in the background and you’re not aware of it. Also, ensure that you keep only the required toolbars and add-ons in your browser, as each of them is small app and is hogging the bandwidth.

Number of users

It’s obvious that internet speeds will go down when there are several users utilizing the same network connection. Common time of occurrence is in the evening when people are back from work and enjoying their leisure time and the same goes with public Wi-Fi, the more the users, the slower the internet.

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