Business Benefits of MPLS

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When it comes to business, network performance is essential. Advanced and secure networks such MPLS offer unparalleled performance with lower cost of ownership. MPLS or Multi-Protocol Label Switching system offers a plethora of benefits for businesses which can’t be achieved with the rudimentary point to point leased line or with the basic broadband internet packages. In this article, we have highlighted the key benefits of MPLS for businesses.

Improved Performance

Given the versatile quality of MPLS services, network designers are able to reduce the number of “hops” between different network points. As a result, there is an improvement in the response time as well as application performance. MPLS is especially beneficial for businesses that run data-intensive applications. Moreover, MPLS uses Classes of Service(CoS/QoS) which prioritizes your traffic and ensures enhanced performance.

Cost Effective

MPLS-based services can reduce expenses by 10% to 25% over comparable data services depending on the specific mix of applications and your network configuration. Moreover, since companies add voice and video traffic, businesses can save as much as 40% network-wide.


Business needs change rapidly, hence it is important to ensure that your network can adapt to these changes. Variances in New services, bandwidth-intensive traffic, latency-sensitive traffic, VoIP and video can occur at any time. With MPLS you don’t have to worry about changes in these factors as its highly flexible. Given its versatility, more and more businesses are migrating to MPLS represents “the wave of the future”.

Quick Disaster recovery

With MPLS systems you can be assured of quick disaster recovery in many ways. Firstly, the MPLS allows the data centres and other key sites to connect in multiple ways to the cloud. This, in turn, allows it to connect with other sites on the network. Secondly, if the need arises the remote sites can be quickly connected to back up locations. This is a great advantage as ATM and frame networks require either switched or backup permanent-virtual-circuits.

QOS enablement

A major benefit of switching to MPLS based services is its ability to support QoS, which is especially important for companies that are rolling out voice and video.
As you can see, switching to MPLS services entails several benefits for your business. You can opt for MPLS services from leading internet providers such as Tikona Infinet Private Limited. Apart from its renowned Tikona broadband services, the company offers unmatched MPLS services Pan-India.

Benefits of Tikona enterprise solutions include the following-
• Increased productivity through better network and application performance
• Streamlined operations by providing a single point of contact across your network
• Support for business growth by ensuring the scalability of your network
• Improved network control and bandwidth management for seamless communications

Some of the other Tikona home and enterprise solutions include secured office Wi-Fi, leased line internet connections, and more. Moreover, you can also avail the benefits of Tikona Broadband at attractive rates.

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