5 Ways Broadband Enhances Learning in Rural Areas

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The internet offers a wealth of information which is just waiting to be explored. The internet can be especially useful for school and college education as it offers rich content regarding every subject matter. As per statistics, several schools and educational institutions rely on the internet for achieving their educational goals. This is due to the fact that broadband plays an important role in enhancing the learning experience in the rural areas. Here’s how:-

Brings Technology to the Classrooms

Several schools in the country have already taken the initiative to provide tablets and laptops to the students. When these devices are enabled with the internet, the students can complete all their studies through them. Given the advantages of technology-aided learning, school curriculums and coursework are being designed around these devices.

Online Classes

The convenience and advantages of online classes are plenty. The main benefit of online classes is remote learning. Hence students can start college early even if they are in high school through online classes and exams. With internet penetration in rural areas, children in the rural areas can partake online classes.

Aids Individual Learning

Many students miss out on certain concepts when they are being taught in a classroom. However, with broadband technology, the students can study from the internet which acts as their personal virtual classroom. Several educational websites offer personalized content for students, which allows the students to clear their doubts easily.

Quick Access to Information

With internet access, the students can gain access to real-time information at the click of a button. Otherwise, students have to go to the library and search the pages of several books to find the required information. Hence quick access to information from the internet saves precious time of the students.

Improves Learning Efficiency

Besides written content, the internet also offers a myriad of multimedia content in the form of videos and interactive games which are easier to understand. With multimedia content, all of the senses of a student is engaged which in turn results in increased attention span. Hence the learning efficiency improves naturally.

According to a study by Boston Consulting Group “The Rising Connected Consumer in Rural India”, 70% of the rural internet users use the internet for social networking and 15% to research products before purchase. However, with the availability of localized content on the internet, these figures are bound to increase rapidly with time. Thanks to the internet, the rural population is able to make informed decisions for themselves.

In India, leading internet service providers providers such as Tikona Infinet Limited, are working towards empowering the rural community by providing quality internet connectivity. By engaging with the best-in-class technology partners, the company is building a comprehensive service framework in order to deliver their services to the rural areas.

Tikona Broadband’s network gives twice the coverage in comparison to standard Wi-Fi network, as mentioned in several reviews about Tikona. The modems provided have smart antennas that prevent interference and as a result, increase internet speeds. Tikona also ensures quick installation with plans being activated within 24 hours as per the convenience of the customer. Furthermore, their enterprise solutions also includes services like leased line internet connection, virtual private networks, secure office Wi-Fi, and others.

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